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Album Review: Hey Vampires - Problems, Solve Yourself

Hey Vampires are a 3 piece Hardcore Punk band from Glasgow, who take their influences from the likes of Refused, Death From Above 1979 and Bear vs Shark and there EP 'Problems, Solve Yourself' clearly shows this, as it is 15 minutes of carnage.

'Wolves' kick off the proceedings with its stomping beat and lead singer MC shouting his head off. Nevertheless there is structure and melody to the track with MC's bass guitar leading.

'So Much For Honesty' starts off with a punk rock-like beat before settling into a guitar riff which is reminiscent of Blood Brothers. For the most part, the track allows the band to show there tight playing. However the instrumentation may bore some listeners.

The title track sees the band, to an extent, taking a breather with a simpler drum beat and muted guitar building up to a tense send-off. The EP ends with 'Prometheus Was A Man' with MC's passionate voice taking charge, while Orr (guitar) and Ross (drums) pound their way through with a fast paced beat and complex guitar playing. The tracks tight but at the same time loose playing, ends the EP on a high note.

Its clear that Hey Vampires are passionate about what they do and their influences have made a definite impact on them, as 'Problems, Solve Yourself' is 4 songs fulled with emotion, stomping beats, clever guitar parts and bass-driven numbers, that have plenty of promise.


'Problems, Solve Yourself' by Hey Vampires is available for pre-order on Two Tick Records Myspace and Hey Vampires Myspace.

Sean Reid

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