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Album Review: MiMi Soya - The Four Penny Knee Trembler

For a lot of people when you hear the term 'female-fronted pop-punk band' you think of a certain American band with a fiery haired singer. Thankfully Brighton's MiMi Soya are nothing like that band.

'The Four Penny Knee Trembler' is the bands first EP released on LAB Records. It's an EP that shows a band that despite being labelled one of those aforementioned bands, they are a band with a much more edgier sound.

It's an EP that is filled with memorable chorus with opener ' "You Didn't Let Me Finish..." ' being just one of these examples with chorus being based around the "I want it all" line with it's pop-punk melody with the instrumentation taking a more Punk rock route.

'Deathwish' is the highlight of the 4 tracks with its simple bass line opening before it's burst into a piece of wonderful pop-punk pie with well-paced chorus and impressive vocal performance by Hero . In addition to this it has a brilliantly written chorus, that will make you want to listen to the song over and over again.
Things get a little bit heavier on 'Don't Forget to Breathe' with a deep guitar dark taking over whilst Hero's vocals are gently spreaded on top. While 'The Maiden's Voyage' begins with a epic vibe, as the band slightly slow down procedures and to an extent take a step back for Hero to showcase her voice one last time. Then it strangely ends on a humorous drunken slurry note.

This EP clearly shows the UK can produce female pop-punk bands, compared to their American counterparts. MiMi Soya are a band with potential and could quite possibly shake off the shakles of being labelled as 'the British Paramore' and simply be known as MiMi Soya; a fine example of Britain's growing pop-punk scene.


The Four Penny Knee Trembler by MiMi Soya is available on LAB Records and can be brought from there store here.

Sean Reid

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