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Album Review: The Night Life Crisis - The Night Life Crisis EP

Manchester has always had a strong heritage of producing up and coming guitar bands. The Night Life Crisis are currently one of those bands.

This self-titled EP is 4 songs of jangly indie pop with 'Something About Chicago' kicking things off with its steady pace and light guitar riff.

Whilst 'You Can...If You're Michael Jackson' continues this trend, it also has a soft bridge with brilliant harmonies and having this being put alongside emo-like lyrics, makes the song a winning combination.

Track 3 is 'A Boy Who Likes A Girl', a slow, sad ballad simply about a boy who likes a girl. Despite the soft guitar parts taking over the vocals at times, the lyrics draw you in and with James Hernen strained vocals makes you feel his heartache.

The band end the EP on a more rockier note with a fast beat with guitar chords being used more than notes and a bass riff guiding the song through, up to a point where the band just let some steam off.

On the whole The Night Life Crisis showcase a style of music that blends emo lyrics with indie music. For some this may not be a good combination but for this Manchester 4 piece it works perfectly. Even though at first I was skeptical of the band but this EP is something that grows on you, if you give it the chance to. Along with tight musicianship makes The Night Life Crisis a band with plenty of potential, and definetly one to keep an eye on in the future.


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Sean Reid

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