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Album Review: Postcode - Zebraland

The Isle of Wight's Postcode take on many disguises in their latest release 'Zebraland'. Opening track 'Drowning' is a bassy rock strong, which is followed up with 'Once More Without Feeling' has a fast tempo with a chorus that reminds of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. This comparison for the New York trio can also be said for 'Mclusky Youth', with its speedy guitar riff and passionate vocals from Marie Reynolds.

However the band slows thing down with 'Jackson', an out and out ballad, which just doesn't fit in with flow of the record. 'One Imaginary Girl' soon makes the band get back on track, with its screeching guitar riff and tribal-like drum beat, whilst 'Retribution' has a psychedelic feel.

After a brief interlude ("Daises") Postcode become a furious punk rock band ('Drop Dead'), than an indie rock band ('Poem'). Whilst the finale track 'Dinosaurs', blends the various genres the band have experimented all into one; its slow ballad-like verse before building up to a bass driven conclusion consisting of smashing cymbals, and straight rock guitars.

'Zebraland' is an impressive effort for a small band like Postcode. They have cleverly taken their influences such as Smashing Pumpkins and P.J.Harvey and adapted them into their own shape and form. However the production at times, makes it a uncomfortable listen especially during the louder moments, as the instrumentation distract the vocals.



Sean Reid

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