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Interview: Architects - 27/01/2009

Chris caught up with Tom (Guitar) and Ali (Bass) of Architects before the Portsmouth leg of their 'Hollow Crown' UK tour.

ATP: Hi guys, how has the tour been going for you so far?

Very well so far, I don't think we've had a bad show yet! Four left, some of the best to come, London and Brighton. I'm sure they'll both be good, every shows been amazing, there's not been one stinker, which never happens!

ATP: The album was released yesterday, how well have the news tracks been received live?

We started the tour before the album came out, and we were playing stuff of the record that people shouldn't have really known, but they did! Basically its been going down really well. Normally when we release something it takes four tours for people to know one word, this time they knew it before it even came out, which is great.

ATP: Are you fine with the downloading aspect then?

It's 2009, so this happens really. As long as they buy it then its OK, some obviously won't, but at least it gets our name out a bit more. Buy it though, please!

ATP: As a band you've described 'Hollow Crown' as more accessible. Did you take a new approach to writing, or was it a natural progression?

I'd say it was a natural thing to be honest. We did two very heavy records already, this ones still heavy, parts heavier, but its not so technical anymore, the songs are more straightforward, and boring. The records got very short longevity, you'll be bored of it within probably a week, maybe two. They like it now, but give it a little time and they'll hate it!

ATP: It's pretty clear that bassist Ali, has become a figure of band abuse. Why you?

I'm not sure, it's got to be someone really, Tom should be answering this...

It's because of his face, his hair, his body, his hands, his personality, the way he talks, the way his mouth moves, his teeth! Thats about it really. Oh, and he looks like a dog dressed up in human clothing.

ATP: So he's got a lot going for him then?

Yeah, its a good CV. Well done Ali!

ATP: Do you have any more UK tours planned for 'Hollow Crown?'

Not at this moment. If it was up to me, I wouldn't tour anywhere else! Mainland Europe's alright, but the rest of the world is garbage. Towards the end of the year hopefully, we do want to tour here as much as possible, so it will probably be around Autumn time.

ATP: What are you plans for the rest of the year?

Were supposed to be recording another video, not sure which one yet, its in the debate room right now. We also have a tour with Comeback Kid in April, then go to Canada and America, and then maybe finish writing the next record. Then probably back to America again, Alot of American, Canadian and European touring. American Torture! We'll be going back there loads!

The light at the end of the tunnel is another UK tour. Hopefully we'll record our next record in winter too, then get it out for the Summer!

ATP: Any chance of early fans' favourites 'In Elegance' or 'Hollow Crown' being played on the remaining tour dates?

Nope, you will hear them one day though. Next UK tour, we'll definately play 'In Elegance,' I can assure that. 'Hollow Crown' is something we'll have to work on a little bit to see if we can do it without looking like dicks! We do worry about the energy dropping, but alot of people ask for it, so maybe.

Chris Powers

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