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Review: The Arusha Accord/TheSafety Fire/Biolith - Winchester Railway Inn 22/01/09

With the amount of up and coming talent emerging from the metal underground in the UK it’s always a good feeling seeing the bands that are just about to hit the big time. This gig tonight is one of those times. Despite the headlining band Anterior pulling out at the last minute the show as always must go on.

Up first are Winchester’s own Biolith, who pull out all the stops for the home town crowd. Their sound is tight and taking influence from the Gothenburg scene with cookie monster vocals to boot. The set is delivered furiously and without compromise. The icing on the cake is a well and truly nailed cover of Devildriver’s 'Hold Back the Day'. Awesome stuff there from a grass roots band.

London’s The Safety Fire impress just as equally. Their own blend of mind boggling math metal blows peoples head off. Think of the Dillinger Escape Plan tussling with a pissed off Meshuggah whilst From Autumn To Ashes plays referee and your almost there. Its jaw dropping the musical skills these guys have. The intricate guitar work is astounding and carries well throughout The Safety Fire's eye watering set The band’s chemistry is electric with equal elements of melody and aggression administered to a stunned audience that are left wanting more.

With the void left by the departure of the much missed Sikth, The Arusha Accord have quite easily have taken over the crown of UK’s most technical and most bonkers metal outfit. The Reading sextet, despite being bumped up to headliner rise to the challenge effortlessly. The twin headed attack from vocalists Alex and Paul Green hit you from so many angles. From the word go Arusha Accord’s set is intense as they open up with 'The New Face Of Revenge'. This is band who aren’t afraid to move or shed blood for their music as bassist Luke Williams busts open his thumb for slapping the hell out of his bass. Its easy to see why this band has fans afar a field the boys from the Dillinger Escape Plan. A complex set that baffles as much as it blows away. The Arusha Accord are definitely one of the hottest things going in the UK metal scene.

A true showcase of technical metal talent that runs rings around the American counterparts. If this is what’s to come then people should be excited.


Matt Rich

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