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Interview: All Leather - 11/01/09

Jon caught up with Justin Pearson's (The Locust) new band, All Leather ahead of their third show together as a group.

Justin, Nathan and Jung spoke to Alter The Press about their upcoming EP, influences, comparisons to Some Girls, being able to use the Back To The Future 'DeLorean', the future of the band and more.

Alter The Press: Is the name of the band 'All Leather', a play on the fact some of you guys are vegan?
All Leather: No.

ATP: Where did the name originate from?
AL: A gay club called Riches in San Diego.

ATP: If you guys had the Back To The Future 'DeLorean' and could travel back to any musical era, where would it be and why?
AL: (Nathan) 1971 - New York. (Justin) 2000 BC. (Jung) I agree.

ATP: Your upcoming EP - 'Hung Like A Horse'. You guys trying to insinuate something?
AL: No, enough said.

ATP: How many tracks will be featured?
AL: Five of our tracks and two remixes.

ATP: Is everything complete and is there a release date set?
AL: Our tracks are done but the remixes are not. No release yet, still signing contracts.

ATP: Two out of three of you guys are former members of Some Girls. How does the writing process differ?
AL: (Nathan) Not really different, we just show up for our parts and play. (Justin) The drumming is different for one. I criticize them. We have these things and somebody says, 'That doesn't sound as good as the other song' or vice versa. It's different instrumentation, different themes and direction. We are not trying to be what Some Girls was. We are trying to be embracive, just in a different way.

ATP: All Leather is a step in a different direction as far as genre is concerned. What made you make this decision to do this new style of music?
AL: We were talking one day and figured we were listening to different stuff that we normally listen to and thought it would be cool to create something like that but with taking our roots.

ATP: Where do you draw your influences from?
AL: Ida Corr, Britney Spears, early Black Dice. Its kind of all over the spectrum but I don't know, stuff that doesn't sound like normal instruments. Like, thats a guitar, thats a drum. We have electronic drums so thats part of the reason then you have percussion that's not acoustic sounding. Its like early Black Dice, where you think, 'Where is that coming from?'.

ATP: If you guys could hang one person, who would it be and why?
AL: (Nathan) If we could hang one person, we could hang a horse. (Justin) I don't know about that, horses are cute. I'd throw myself in there. (Jung) I'd hang JP. (Justin) I would hang Frank.

ATP: How many of The Locust does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
AL: The three that aren't in All Leather?
ATP: Nope. One if it's just JP, the other three if they are standing on each others shoulders.

ATP: If you guys were approached to join a band like Fall Out Boy, what would your response be?
AL: (Jung) Depends on the circumstances. (Justin) I'd throw the hanging question at them.

ATP: What is the future now for All Leather?
AL: We are touring Mexico next month.

ATP: Any plans to come to Europe?
AL: We would love to but no one has offered to take us yet.

- Jon Ableson

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