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It Dies Today Give Reasons for New Album Delay

It Dies Today have posted a myspace blog giving reasons for the delay of their new album 'Lividity' which was expected to be released in America yesterday.

The band said:

"So everyone, you might be wondering why the record didn't come out yesterday. We've had some serious set backs throughout the process of trying to finish Lividity and put it out. It was supposed to hit shelves last fall then January 27th, but with the problems we incured; such as having the house we built our studio in getting sold from beneath us subsequently putting us on the street for close to a month, putting together the making the record DVD, and the making of the "Thank you for drinking" video (both to be released with the album!), as well as the struggle to work our regular day jobs to stay afloat for the holidays. It's been an awkward/terrible/amazing/eye opening experience for all of us. It doesn't excuse the lack of updates, but we hope you understand that the time we spent and perseverence through all this bullshit will be MORE than worth it! Mark my words this will be the heaviest/most relentless record this band has ever put out!

P.S. We'll be posting some new songs on our myspace, posting the "TYFD" video, getting together concepts for the video for the first single "Reckless abandon", and making some tracks available for ringtones in the next couple weeks. Once again we apologize for the serious bum out, and can't wait to see you on the road this spring.

Sincerely Jason
courtesy of IDT and cold ass Niagara Falls New York"

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