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New Ace Enders Album Press Release

More details have been about Ace Enders' new album have been released. 'When I Hit the Ground' will be released on March 17, 2009 via Drive-Thru/Vagrant Records.

Press Release:

"Already a household name from his early days as frontman of alt-rock heroes The Early November, ACE ENDERS is gearing up for the release of When I Hit the Ground on March 17, 2009 via Drive-Thru/Vagrant Records. Taking the nome du jour of Ace Enders and a Million Different People, this is his new band and not one of his many side projects for which he's famous. "I view this release as a combination of both a new beginning and an extension of previous projects, as weird as that sounds," Ace explains. "It's a happy middle ground from what I want to be in the future to what I know I am right now. For me, the style of this record is about knowing my roots and where I came from, but having goals for moving into the next thing at the same time. I'm not trying to over-extend myself and try to be something I'm not. When I Hit the Ground is my favorite record I've ever done."

A fascinating and virally-infectious collection of songs that pops and clicks in all the right spots, When I Hit the Ground encompasses Ace's trademark introspective and socially-conscious lyrics and impassioned singing while expanding his musical scope. From the melodic powerhouse first single "The Only Thing I Have (The Sign)," to the classic-in-waiting "When I Hit the Ground," to the breezy sing-along "Reaction," to the acoustic crowd-pleasing ballad "Bring Back Love," this album is a potent heavy dose of the songwriting power that has been his forte since his days in The Early November. "I'm proud of the song 'Bring Back Love' because normally I would be afraid to do something so cheesy," he says. "In growing up, you learn that sometimes you just have to let that happen and I think that the message is a good overall message that I'd love to spread."

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