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Review: Metro Station - London Electric Ballroom - 29/01/09

The Electric Ballroom tonight is fully packed to its capacity with tickets being sold in weeks in advance. The que is stretched down past Camden market in anticipation for Metro Station's second ever London appearance.

Metro Station have all the correct boxes ticked on how to be successful on pop/rock circuit. Irresistable catchy choruses, they have the look, support from bands such as Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco and Good Charlotte and the fact your sister is Hannah Montana helps (but its an added bonus).

Despite the fact the band are not headlining tonights show, you wouldn't know that unless you look at the bill. As soon as the lights go down and the band open up into 'Disco', Metro Station have the crowd eating out the palm on their hands. Half way into the set, the crowd are chanting for the band's platinum hit, 'Shake It'. Frontman Trace Cyrus is just in awe when commenting, 'I didn't think you guys have even heard of that song!'. As soon as the song starts, the crowd turns into a dance party/rock show with everyone jumping up and down on there feet. You can't help but wonder if it wasn't for the internet, no one would even of heard these guys, considering their self titled record hasn't been released in the country. Afterwards, the band bid their farewells but say to the crowds excitement, they will be returning.

It won't be long now till Metro Station will be filling bigger venues. As soon as they appear on MTV and hit the teen magazines, there will be no stopping them.

Alter The Press!