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The Rocket Summer Starts Pre-Production

The Rocket Summer aka Bryce Avary has started pre-production on his new album.

Bryce said:

"On January 12th I will enter the studio to begin pre-production for this album here in Texas. Ill be doing this for a couple of weeks and then on Feb 2nd I will be entering a studio in LA to track the record. I want to thank everyone for their prayers through this writing season as I feel it's had an obvious and incredible impact on the quality of these songs. If you don't mind continuing this throughout the recording of this album it would be much appreciated. This record is a turning point of some sort. I'm not quite sure what that means exactly but I can say that for the first time I stripped my motives down to the essential, why I'm doing this, and as a result I'm very, very stoked on these songs."

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