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Silverstein Track Listing Announce

Silverstein have announced the track listing for their new album 'A Shipwreck In The Sand', which will four chapters.
Chapter One: It Burns Within Us All

1. A Great Fire
2. Vices
3. Broken Stars

Chapter Two: Liars, Cheaters And Thieves

4. American Dream
5. Their Lips Sink Ships
6. I Knew I Couldn't Trust You
7. Born Dead

Chapter Three: Fight Fire With Fire

8. A Shipwreck In The Sand
9. I Am The Arsonist
10. You're All I Have
Chapter Four: Death And Taxes
11. We Are Not The World
12. A Hero Loses Everyday
13. The Tide Raises Every Ship
14. The End

The artwork for 'A Shipwreck In The Sand' can be seen here.

'A Shipwreck In The Sand' will be released on March 30th through Victory.

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