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Album Review: A Day To Remember - Homesick

If it's not broken, why bother changing it. That's what A Day To Remember have done on the follow-up to their Victory Records debut 'For Those Who Have Heart'. 'Homesick' has all the good characteristics of the last album but on a bigger level.

Let's see Hardcore guitar riffs? check. catchy memorable Pop-Punk choruses? check. Fast, aggressive drums? check. Group sing-a-longs? check. This might worry some that 'Homesick' is 'For Those...' part 2. Trust me it isn't... well not quite.

Straight away all the characteristics are brought in to play on ''The Downfall Of Us All" with its heavy guitar that goes into fast-paced chorus that includes the standard "Woah-oh" back vocals and the memorable line of "I sold my soul, to the open road". It has all you want, and expect from A Day To Remember.

As the album goes along, you become accustomed to what will happen next and at times it is a bit predictable but there are some stand out tracks like, 'NJ Legion Iced Tea' and 'Have Faith In Me" which starts off with a slow and calming guitar and vocals from Jeremy McKinnon, before launching into a heavy yet catchy chorus with lyrics that will soon get stuck in your head.

The albums title track will definitely be put on repeat with its furious, quick-paced verse before calming down into a chorus led with the memorable line of "Hey mom I wrote you some soft songs, and tell dad I'm just fine".

After a few more good yet predictable songs we come to final track, 'If It Means A Lot To You', which after 30 minutes of frantic hardcore pop-punk, is a calm and refreshing track that highlights the bands talent for writing good pop-punk songs and more importantly, they prove they can write a loving ballad, which sees McKinnon and VersaEmerge's Sierra Kusterbeck duetting and telling the story of a relationship falling apart due to McKinnon being out on the road. This all builds up to a grand conclusion with simple gang vocals singing 'La, la la la".

The serious music fan in me, wants to hate this for lack its of progression and creativity but the fun, pop-punk loving side of me, wants to praise this for being a great record, which it is but only if you liked the band already. I doubt it will win over those who disagree with those who think hardcore and pop-punk isn't a good combination.

However if you like hardcore guitar riffs blended in with pop-punk melodies then this is the album for you. For A Day To Remember this could possibly push them towards greater things, as they have clearly shown they can't write great songs which you will listen over and over again.

'Homesick' by A Day To Remember is available now through Victory Records.


Sean Reid

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