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Album Review: Oh No Not Stereo - 003

After UK tours supporting Bayside, Hit The Lights and All-American Rejects, this Los Angeles duo (Sky Nielsen and Mykul Lee) are ready to release their 2nd album and 3rd release, '003'.

Oh No Not Stereo are your basic up beat American rock band. From the start you have fast-paced screeching guitars, that brings '003' alive straight away. 'Let's Get It Started' is a 100% feel good rock song with a nice little piano section that adds texture to the track.

'Hurricanes' starts off with a sweet acoustic guitar before bursting into a loud, fresh pop-rock riff with Nielsen's voice grabbing the listener's attention with its memorable line of "come the hurricanes, too stubborn to believe'.

Throughout the record you'd find song after song of fast-paced rock songs with 'All You', with its blend of loud, angst-influenced chorus being one of the standout tracks. Whilst songs like 'Say Anything' and 'Get Over It' also prove the band have mastered the art of writing catchy pop-rock songs.

However like every pop-rock band, Oh No Not Stereo aren't scared to slow things down. '12 Years Later' is a string-led track with soft guitar and captivating lyrics, which like every song like that builds up to a beautiful conclusion. It is also worth mentioning 'A World Of Your Own' is a ballad that will probably make the hair stand on the back of your neck when played live.

'003' is a superb record for a band that have the potential to blow up over the next 12 months, with strong songs and tight playing. They have the ability to write both fast-paced songs that you will surely play over and over again, as well as the soft, sweet tunes that manage make you take a step back and truly appreciate a band who can write good songs.

Don't be surprised if you hear bigger things from this band further down the line.


'003' by Oh No Not Stereo is available now digitally and is released on CD on March 10th.
Visit their myspace and official website for details.

Sean Reid

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