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Album Review: The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die

Another Prodigy album is always going to be interesting to listen to for the first time, especially one being released into an era where Electronic Dance Music is making a masthead in the current music scene, with its infectious rhythm expanding its reach into the new genertion of glow-paint clad youngsters. However, this album is more of a ‘compilation of every EDM sound being used on the scene’ instead of an original Prodigy album.

Perhaps im being too harsh and brash to judge it this way, especially when the first single,“Invaders Must Die” slays most of the ‘sound of the underground’ bands that are being played to death on Radio 1. But why, as I listen to the album all the way through that it feels like a mash up of so many other bands? Or am I being too critical and must remember that it was The Prodigy that begun this trend, and by tradition, must be the ones to finish it off.

By no means is this album a tragic disappointment; the piercing vocals from Liam Howlett are still there, but instead of being the main focal point of the songs, his lines are drowned out by the layered beats. The opening song ‘Invaders Must Die’ introduces their new stomping sound with engrossing electro scales. It may be too clichéd to describe this album as if The Prodigy was covering Pendulum who was covering The Prodigy, but unfortunatley that was my first impression. ‘Omen’ and ‘Colours’ will have the new wave of new rave teenagers bopping on the dancefloor/housefloor/everywhere with the more experienced older fans passing over the shrill synth keys that build up the majority of content on this album.

If you are one of those who favour their older tracks of ‘Out Of Space’ and ‘No Good’, then do not despair. ‘Thunder’ and ‘Run With Wolves’ stay true to their roots and still include their otherworldly trance groove that sets the band apart from many others. However, ‘Warriors Dance’ isn’t very ‘Prodigy and would fit in better on one of the many Hardcore Reborn CDs that are released every other week. Even the intro trumpet to the song is similar to ‘Infinity Land’ by Guru Josh Party.

Closer of the record, “Stand Up”, would not look out of place on a techno Rocky soundtrack and closes the album in a little-to-be-desired, victorious fashion. A very fitting one, as Prodigy has made a huge effort in developing their sound and not keep the same style throughout all of their releases. However, im afraid that this won’t be appealing to all. If you are a traditional fan and don’t want to welcome the new scene that The Prodigy have effort-fully tried to fit into, then this is hardly ‘Music For The Jilted Generation: Part 2’. But if you are one of those who favours an albums singles and owns an iPod that consists of music that is purely there to make you dance or to play at an underage-drinking house party, then you are going to love this.

'Invaders Must Die' by The Prodigy is released on Take Me To The Hospital on February 23rd.


Andy Touch

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