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Battlefields Look for Donations to repair Van

Battlefields is looking for financial assistance from fans to repair their van.

The band stated:

"Yesterday we made a post about our van being put in the shop for some crucial rear end/axle repairs. Originally it was an easy $500 repair that I avoided paying my bills to cover. Once it was taken into the shop it was a $1400 repair and then Andy avoided paying some of his bills and we came up with the money. Now that they have our van tore apart, the bill has doubled to $2400 + we need an oil change before we leave with Irepress March 5th = ~$2500. Although we have exhausted our efforts, we are still trying to find ways to come up with the money.

"One option that several people/bands suggested was putting up a donation button on our site, which we have just done. Hopefully this helps and doesn't make us seem like we are looking for handouts, but at this point, we kind of are. We are in the position to give you merchandise, book your band shows, hj's and blood... The donation button is on the front of our page. Thank you. Canceling tour for us is not an option."

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