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The Dear Hunter Update

Casey from The Dear Hunter has posted a blog giving an update on the bands current recording status.

"Hello all people.

I am just getting back to my apartment from the studio tonight. It is 5 am and the bass and drums are finished on 2 of the [roughly] 14 tracks for the record. I could geek out for hours about what we are doing- but to give a short version- We built a studio in a large room (mostly Nick did, and pictures will come soon). The studio is beautiful and beyond inspiring.

The first song we tracked is called "In Cauda Venenum", followed by a song with the working title "What Was Her Name". I wanted to let the songs sing in their own voice, so we have been in the habit of changing our drums, mics, miking techniques, signal path, and eq tendencies for each song- and I am sure the diversity will not end at the techno-nerd side of things.

I decided early on that we would be using absolutely no studio tricks on this record, and everything would be as organic as possible. SO this means long hours and intense attention to detail- I love it. The product of this scrutiny will be a lush handmade musical landscape- void of the kind of angular digital shapes we are all used to at this point in the evolution of music production. I don't mean to knock anyone who uses, or even relies on the kind of technology I'm alluding to, but I guess I feel like an old man who has grown tired of the city, and seeks something with a bit more natural beauty.

However, this is not a hype machine. I am not trying to stir up some kind of internet buzz about what we are doing, or state how our record will be one thing or another.I make no claims as to how a listener will perceive what we are doing- I only write from what I feel. The reality is that I am just so excited about what we are doing- this is shaping up to be a very rewarding creative journey and I hope that the fulfillment I feel will translate to the audience.

love and thanks

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