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Interview: Hey Monday

Decaydance signed band Hey Monday are one of biggest up and coming bands at the moment, with a successful US tour with The Academy Is... and We The Kings late last year, which has been followed up a support slot on Fall Out Boy's current world tour, which sees the band on their first overseas tour visiting Asia, Europe and in March the United Kingdom.

Sean recently spoke with lead singer Cassadee Pope about being signed to Decaydance, the bands debut album 'Hold on Tight' and their current tour alongside Fall Out Boy.

ATP: I bet the last 12 months have been crazy. Tell us how it all started?
Cassadee: It has definitely been a whirlwind! Mike and I were at a music conference in Atlanta, Georgia where a man named Jay Harren, an A&R at Columbia records, found us. He heard an old demo of ours and loved it. We clicked with him right away. He's such an awesome dude. He kept in touch, got us a deal with Columbia and wala!

ATP: So you’re now on Decaydance, one of the most popular labels at the moment. I get the feeling that it’s a really tight family over there?
Cassadee: It is a family to say the least. It's kind of an unspoken bond everyone has. Anytime we meet another band on Decaydence, it's just an awesome vibe right off the bat. I think the pride we have in our label adds to our interaction with each other. We're all so happy with Decaydence and so proud to be on it.

ATP: It’s a well-known fact that you all appear on each other records. I know Cassadee appeared on a song with The Cab, as well William Beckett and Butch Walker co-write some songs on the album. Are there any plans for you to work with any Decaydance bands in the future or any band in general?
Cassadee: There aren't any plans that are set in stone. I would love to work with Patrick someday, whether it be writing or singing on their next record.

ATP: Your debut album ‘Hold On Tight’ is being released in the UK on March 9th. First of all tell us a bit about the album and also how does it feel to hear your music is being released in another country?
Cassadee: The album is a pretty "feel good" album. We like to think it is relatable to people everywhere. It's just a fun, pop/rock record for people to be able to sing along to and relate to. The reaction we've gotten, before our CD has even released in other countries, has been amazing. Kids who don't speak our language sing along, they go nuts during our sets, they even recognize us on the streets! It's such a surreal feeling knowing that our music has made it's way around the world already. We're so grateful.

ATP: By the way ‘Hold On Tight’ was in our Top 10 Records of last year. What you got to say about?
Cassadee: Thank you!! That's an accomplishment to say the least!

ATP: You’re currently in Japan on tour with Fall Out Boy. How’s that going and how has the reaction been?
Cassadee: It's been such a great experience. So many firsts on this tour. It's our first time overseas, our first arena tour, and our first shows with Fall Out Boy. We absolutely loved Japan. The people, the food, the culture: everything was wonderful. The crowds at the shows have been insane. The kids have so much fun and jump around during our entire set.

ATP: In March you’re coming over to the UK. Is there any sights you particularly want to see?
Cassadee: We are leaving all that up to Elliot. He was born in London so he already knows where he wants to take us, and what he wants us all to see!

ATP: Then you return to America to tour with Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, All Time Low and Metro Station. That’s an amazing line-up. How excited are you to be on that tour?
Cassadee: We're honored, to be honest. We're all fans of these bands, and we get to share the stage with them all. Everyone on that line-up is great; as musicians and as people. It should be such a blast.

ATP: You’re also playing the Bamboozle in New Jersey. How does it feel to be playing alongside so many great bands?
Cassadee: Bamboozle is something that I, personally, only got to experience once in my life, a year ago. I never had the money to be able to fly there for it. I've always wanted to go and play there someday. So the fact that we get to go, let alone PLAY, gives me the best feeling ever. I'm so excited to play AND to see all my favorite bands.

ATP: Is there anyone in particular you’re looking forward to seeing?
Cassadee: I'm really excited to see Third Eye Blind. I've always been a big fan. Also, I'm stoked to see Set Your Goals and Cash Cash.

ATP: Is there any band you would like to tour with in the future, who you haven’t played with yet?Bold
Cassadee: Well, seeing as Blink 182 got back together, it would be a dream come true if we were able to tour with them!!

ATP: What music have you been playing on the tour bus?
Cassadee: I've been listening to the new Copeland CD, This Providence, We The Kings, A Day To Remember, and Say Anything.

ATP: Any tour stories to tell us about?
Cassadee: I still can't get over last night, in Singapore. After the show, we were packing up, getting ready to leave for the van. When I walked outside, there were barricades set up with hundreds of kids behind it. They started screaming so loud, and I thought Pete was behind me or something, but when I looked around for him, he wasn't there. I couldn't believe that the kids were that excited to see me. I had a blast hanging out with them for a while, signing and stuff. That was a moment I'll never forget as long as I live.

ATP: You seem to be on the road a lot. What do you like to do when you get some time off?
Cassadee: I love to hang out with family and friends when I'm home as much as possible. I do a lot of stuff any normal teenage girl would do, really. I go to the beach, shopping, the movies, bonfires, Elliot and Alex's house a lot, the usual!

ATP: Are there any plans to release another single? Personally I think ‘Candles’ would do pretty well.
Cassadee: We're not sure what the next one will be. We're thinking that "How You Love Me Now" is a contender!

ATP: What’s the plan for the rest of 2009? Will we see a new album or a possible return to the UK?
Cassadee: I think our next album won't come until 2010, probably. We will be touring nonstop for a long time! We would love to headline at some point this year, and just get our music into as many people's ears as we can.

Hey Monday's debut album 'Hold On Tight' will be released will be released on March 9th on Decaydance/Columbia.

They will be supporting Fall Out Boy along with Kids In Glass Houses on their UK tour in March:

March 5th - Manchester MEN Arena
March 6th - London O2 Arena
March 7th - Cardiff International Arena
March 8th - The Brighton Centre

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