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Review: A Day To Remember - Norwich Waterfront - 22/02/09

Victory Records' hottest property at the moment, A Day To Remember, are finally in the UK and they couldn't of picked a better time to come. Every date is sold out, their new record 'Homesick' has just been released and the fans cannot get enough of these guys right now. The que is stretching down the street at Norwich's Waterfront venue in anticipation of the Floridian metalcore/pop punk outfit's first trip to Norwich and after tonight's display, this shouldn't be their last.

When A Day To Remember hit the stage with 'The Downfall Of Us', the floor is split apart; all bodies hurl themselves at each other whilst the rest sing in perfect time with frontman Jeremy McKinnon. Tonight's set goes down a treat with old classics such as 'A Shot In The Dark' and 'Monument' as well as delivering the two best tracks from the bands latest release, 'Homesick' which are 'Welcome To The Family' and 'Mr Highway's Thinking About The End'.

The band keep the banter to a minimum and let the music speak for itself. Tonight's highlights include a Kelly Clarkson cover of 'Since You've Been Gone' which goes down a storm or the phenomenal set closer, 'The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle', which sees the Norwich crowd surfing over the barriers so fast, you would think Dominoes were giving away free pizza tonight. 

A Day To Remember are at the peak of their musical career. They now have three definitive records and have established a huge fan base along the way. Six years of being a band has finally paid off. Make the most of seeing these guys in tiny venues, because they are only going to be getting bigger and bigger.

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