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Shai Hulud Replace Verse on New Found Glory US Tour

Florida Hardcore band Shai Hulud will replace Verse on New Found Glory US tour after Verse split-up earlier this week.

New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert posted the following Myspace bulletin:

""Hello Party People,
As most of you already know, the band VERSE, who was meant to open our "Not Without A Fight" tour has broken up. We were excited to tour with them but thats life. We have been receiving tons of messages from people asking us about who are we replacing Verse with. Since tickets were already on sale we feel it is only fair to replace them with a band from a similar genre. That way kids who listen to Verse wont be too disappointed... plus we feel it makes for a better show to have a more diverse lineup.

Now to announce the band:

The band that will replace Verse will be none other than SHAI HULUD!! They are a fellow Floridian band and we grew up in the South Florida scene playing shows side by side. We felt this would be an interesting and fun replacement. They have an awesome album that came out recently called "MISANTHROPY PURE".
Check it!

For those of you that could be wondering, I might make an appearance on the mic but I cant promise or commit to anything. Shai Hulud's singer rules anyway.

Your friend always,


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