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The Spill Canvas Writing a New Album

The Spill Canvas have announced they are writing a new album.

The bands myspace blog stated:

"thought I'd take this lovely, yet disturbingly cold day to update you on the latest Spill happenings. We have locked ourselves away in a house in South Dakota determined to write the best record of our lives. We are approaching the 2 month mark of writing so we are really starting to get some great songs out of this machine...

We are more excited than we ever have been about the beginning stages of the record-construction process. As soon as we have any sort of morsels for you to dig your teeth into, trust that they will be made available for your consumption.

As far as touring goes, we have a week long venture across the pond to the UK in the beginning of March so we hope that all of you overseas will join us for our first shows of 2009! We are excited to possible play a new song in the never know!

That's basically it for now, but please stay tuned as the process is about to heat up. Undoubtedly, the flow of Spill goodies is about to start very very soon...
Much Love,
Joe, Nick, Dan, and Landon"

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