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This Is Hell Amp Stolen

This Is Hell guitarist Rick Jimenez has had his amp stolen at a recent show with Funeral fo a Friend.

Jimenez posted a myspace bulletin about the incident:

"I had an amp stolen yesterday at the show... most of these shows don't have locals; yesterday did. These are not hardcore shows and we're (unfortunately) the only hardcore band playing every night. I bring that up because in my 28 years of life, I have never been stolen from at a hardcore show, but have been stolen from twice on this swoopy hair rock bullshit environment type tour. There is an inherent lack of quality of individual this style of music draws, and the lack of respect in music outside the hardcore scene is becoming more and more apparent each day. That's my personal inference based on experience, not prejudice.

"Shit was reported with the cops. I'll be taking it up with the promoter and venue as well. I did what I could with the bands without it becoming illegal so far but that hasn't gotten very far outside of a couple of little kids getting nervous and making excuses.

If anyone knows any of these three bands... Ourselves Among Others, La Circa, We're Not Friends Anymore ...keep an eye out for a Mesa Boogie Triple Rec amp that they may be using in the future because it is mine and not theirs.

"If anyone knows a random from the area that went to this show, relay the information and maybe they can help me get my shit back or return it if it was stolen, picked up accidentally or what have you.

"email me at

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