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Album Review: Bayonets - Wishes & Wishes

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you one of the most promising and exciting British bands right now, Bayonets and their equally as good 8-track 'Wishes and Wishes'.

The Hereford-based 4 piece have written and crafted 8 songs that sound beyond their years (all members are in their late teens and early twenties), with 'We Wish These Snakes Were Your Arms' kicking things off with sharp guitars and an anthemic chorus, that leaves you wanting more.

Which is given immediately with 'The Battle of Head and Heart' that begins with distant samples and a slow build up, that leads to the band letting off some steam and to a somewhat simple-yet-favourable structure, of layered guitars, energetic vocals and tight musicianship. This combination makes the track one of many standout tracks on the record.

Bayonets manage to span a wide diverse of styles over 8 tracks, as 'Ciao Roma' and 'Trample City, Jhead and Snow Days' are fast-paced energetic numbers, filled with rawness that the band seem to thrive on. Whilst 'Ten More Sleeps 'till A Good Nights Sleep' and closer 'My Stupid Mirror', sees the band becoming more complex both musically and lyrically.

Another outstanding track is 'Death Threats' with its eerie light guitars and atmospheric vocals, that makes you truly stand up and pay attention to this band.

Overall Bayonets have written an album that could surprise a lot of people and might just end in a few end of year lists; due to the combination of well written songs, raw energy and the amount of potential this band have in the future. It would be a great shame if this band were to be ignored in a time, when the well-written energetic rock sound, Bayonets do so well is becoming increasingly popularity, with the likes of Brand New and Manchester Orchestra leading the pack.

With the band being as young as they are and with the songs they already have, the future looks very promising and bright for Bayonets.


'Wishes & Wishes' by Bayonets is available from Walnut Tree Records' online store now.

Sean Reid

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