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Album Review: New Found Glory - Not Without A Fight

When New Found Glory announced their 5th studio album would see them returning to early days, when they were one of the biggest pop-punk bands around. However the bands 4th album 'Coming Home' saw the band being all grown up, which disappointed some fans.

'Not Without A Fight' from the start certainly sees the Florida five-piece fulfilling their promise. 'Right Where We Left Off' has the standard power chords, punching drums and Jordan Pundik's recognisable voice.

'Don't Let Her Pull You Down' and 'Listen To Your Friends' have the 'take no shit' attitude that NFG have been known for years, with the latter having all the classic elements of the bands more successful days, with a chorus that deserves to be sung loud and in unison.

The pop-punk goodness continues with '47', with its hardcore riff and gang vocals. Whilst 'Truck Stop Blues' goes a furicious pace with chorus that is well-written and nicely bouncies along.

5 tracks and you start to think they can do no wrong, however I think like most NFG albums there are one too many filler tracks, such as 'Tangled Up' and 'I'll Never Love Again' are good songs but its nothing we haven't heard before.

Thankfully 'This Isn't You' saves the album from going downhill with drums that punch their way through and calm breakdown with lyrics that are reminscent of 'Coming Home'. 'Don't Let This Be The End' ends the album on a high with a great final chorus that includes a memorable gang chorus.

On the whole 'Not Without A Fight' is a good album and is your standard New Found Glory album. However the problem is that it is a standard New Found Glory album. It has all the elements you want; choruses you can sing along to, thumping drums, fast riffs and overall great songs but when its all over, you feel a bit disappointed and that something just isn't right.

Maybe they have tried to hard to become the band they were 9 years ago and perhaps they should of continued in the mature direction. Nevertheless old and new fans will love it and the songs will be sung loud and proud at the bands fantastic live shows.


'Not Without A Fight' is released on Epitaph Records on March 9th.

Sean Reid

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