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Album Review: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs are without doubt one of the best and most talented bands around. The band gained both major critical and commercial success with their 2003 debut 'Fever To Tell', which perfectly blended the full throttle indie tracks with the mellow love songs. The band then went on to release follow up 'Show Your Bones', which only went on to further the bands success and high reputation, this album stuck to a pretty similar formula. So, three years on and the NYC based band are back with the ‘difficult third album’ and it’s an album that can either show us that the band just can‘t keep up with the ever changing trends, or it could affirm their place as one of the best bands of the 21st Century. Needless to say, the hype surrounding this album is huge!

The album kicks off with lead single ‘Zero’ which shows the band heading in a bit of a different direction, it’s a bit disco, but without being worlds away from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs we know and love. It’s a catchy song, which I’m sure will go on to be played at indie club nights for years to come. The next few songs on the album carry on in a pretty similar fashion, it’s a bit different, but not enough that people will lose interest in the band, ‘Heads Will Roll’ is a strong track with signature time changes and catchy chorus. ‘Soft Shock’ follows in a similar suit but slows it down a notch. Next up is ‘Skeletons’ which slows it down a fair few more notches, and showcases the bands talent, Karen O’s eerie voice floats over the top of a down tempo dance beat, before reaching a pretty epic climax, it’s a fantastic song. Next up is ‘Dull Life’ which brings things back to an upbeat affair, with its fast pace and catchy chorus.

‘Shame And Fortune’ further sticks to the bands new direction and is another great track, ‘Runaway’ again shows the band can slow things down and still make amazing music, with its simple chorus of ‘Run run run away, lost lost lost my mind, want you to stay,’ the song ends with a crescendo of drums and violins which again shows the bands talent and diversity. ‘Dragon Queen’ reminds me a bit of the Ting Tings if they weren’t so naff. Next up is ‘Hysteric’ which is no doubt going to be deemed the ‘Maps’ of this album, it’s a love song with a chorus of ‘flow sweetly, hang heavy, you suddenly complete me,’ the song showcases each members individual talents, everything is perfect from the drums to guitars to the lyrics, it’s definitely the highlight of the album. The album ends with ‘Little Shadow’ which is a nice middle ground of the bands signature different styles.

So back to the ‘what will this album prove?’ I’ve made up my mind, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are one of the best bands of the 21st Century. Yeah?


It’s Blitz is due for release on March 31 through Interscope records. For more info visit:

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