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ATP Introduces: The Motorcycle Industry

Hidden away in downtown Brooklyn is New York’s best-kept secret: The Motorcycle Industry...

“After seeing The Matches play when I was in the 8th grade, it made me realise I wanted to be in a band”.

Meet John Langan, the band's 21 year old, San Franciscan, vocalist. Starting out by playing solo acoustic shows, Langan later combined musical forces with Mike Weiss, whom he had met at New York University, together laying the foundations of what was to become The Motorcycle Industry. With a background of Long Island hardcore bands and California local bands between them, the duo completed the band's lineup with the addition of bassist, Benjamin Caruba, and drummer, Phillip Boyer.

The band went on to self-produce 'Electric Education,' an LP filled with enough catchy guitar riffs, Saves The Day/Say Anything style vocals and witty/sarcastic lyrics to leave you wanting more.

The Motorcycle Industry may be associated with the new school emo/punk scene but a lot of the lyrics are very tongue in cheek, contributing to the bands appeal. Despite this, the band do have their serious moments varying from the likes of wanting to earn $10 an hour in order to buy colored vinyl and spending time talking on internet forums like Absolute Punk.

“We’re serious about the music, but we have to have a sense of humor about it all. We have to be able to laugh at ourselves too” says Langan.

The Motorcycle Industry are the soundtrack of downtown New York with every song giving you the impression that you are walking down the streets of Brooklyn. Nowadays, it’s refreshing not to hear a generic band that sounds like everyone else. It’s only a matter of time until the Brooklyn four piece make it big.

For fans of: Say Anything and Saves The Day.

- Jon Ableson

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