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Chad Gilbert speaks about side-project

New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert has spoken out on about his recently reported new side project:

'Hey Everyone,
How did this info get on here? is hip to the game!
I will not be doing this record for a long time. I feel weird even talking about it now but i thought id set the record straight. The truth is while NFG had downtime i was going through some pretty crazy stuff relationship wise. I needed an immediate outlet so i picked up a guitar and wrote a bunch of songs. The songs aren't slow and sappy acoustic but more rocking upbeat songs. I have played them for some people and some have compared them to Elvis Costello which i found weird because i dont listen to him. I respect him and like some of his songs but im not a mega fan. Maybe i should be. The songs to me are more Oldies rock pop style. Simple but extremely straight forward honest lyrics. Some might even make you uncomfortable hahah. Songs about my life.I recorded 4 demo songs. It isnt just a solo thing. The other person in the band with me is my friend Elgin James. We will be backed by a full band but he and i are the only full fledge members. None of this matters right now though. What matters is the new NFG came out and NFG is and will always be my number #1. I see myself doing the solo type thing when we are finished with Not WIthout a Fight which will not be anytime soon. We are very proud of Not Without a Fight and will be spreading that shizz across the world for awhile. Thanks to anyone who has the record already!!!!!!
thanks for all the love.


p.s. I know i write and spell like a 5th grader.'

Alter The Press!