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Good Charlotte start pre-production of new record and give away free songs

According to a recent blog from Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden, the band have just started pre-production for their new record and are set to give away some free songs as well:

'So we are all together in the studio today starting some pre-production on Album #5. Too early to give you any info on the record but it is sounding like a straight forward rock record. So far no real programing, but who knows. We are all having a good time in here and the songs sound good. So far so good.
We are gonna try to start posting some free music for you guys, whether its old demos, acoustic songs, cover songs, ect. We've been talking about doing this for a long time. Just some cool songs for free. Sort of like the ones benj has already posted. Hopefully more frequently. Like im sure he's said, most of these songs will be demos, or just songs we recorded on the fly in one or two takes. So judge not! What the hell, judge away. Still we want to give you guys some free music. We really do appreciate the support over the years and have been trying to come up with ways to show you.'

The first song the band have posted is a demo called 'Foolish'.

You can view the song here.

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