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Therefore I Am Update

Therefore I Am have posted an update, which can be seen below. They are currently recording their debut album with producer Mike Poorman (formerly of Hot Rod Circuit).


"Hello buddies,

Travis here coming to you from the world of Therefore I Am.

Today, I finished the last of my guitar parts and I am currently on a train from Providence back to Boston. To me, everything sounds absolutely awesome. I am aware that the word "awesome" gets thrown around too often and has lost its context, but the new sound that we have put together has awed all of us in many ways. Each member has stepped up their game and it gives me great pride to say that we are all in this band together. In the past few months, we've grown individually and, as a whole, closer than ever. We spent months together in a practice space transporting ideas from our brains and hearts to our hands and vocal cords and weeks solidifying our noise into something we're all extremely proud to present as a new album.

In the next week, Alex and Brian will be hammering away at their vocal melodies and we'll be wrapping up in time for our show at Club Hell on Friday with I Am the Avalanche. It's our first show since september and we'll be playing a new song or two. On the following Sunday, we will be playing The Waterfront Tavern in Holyoke. It looks to be just as awesome (listen to late nite wars!). Come hang!

in a few months, the tunes will be available for listening and I'm ecstatic to let the world hear it. This is 100% the best project I have ever been a part of. I can only hope you all enjoy as much as I do!

Be well, stay positive and thanks for reading!

- Travis & TIA"

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