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Album Review: Anarbor - Free Your Mind

Phoenix, Arizona's Anarbor are your basic young pop-rock band, nothing more, nothing less. However sometimes keeping things simple and basic works, and the band's latest release 'Free Your Mind'; their Hopeless Records debut, ideally fits this description.

From the start ('Let The Games Begin') catchy melodies, sweet vocals with slightly edgy guitars are the recipe of the day. As the record carries on with 3 minute wonders like 'The Brightest Green' and 'Where The Wild Things Are (Monsters)', you soon realise Anarbor have short pop-rock, radio-friendly genre down to a tee, with Slade Echeverria's vocals taking the lead and become more impressive on further listen.

'Halfway Sober' slightly slows things down momentarily with its ballad-like chorus and group vocals. Nevertheless the band soon becomes upbeat again with 'You And I', a simple pop-rock song with its simple, steady beat and sharp guitars.

However by the time you come to seventh and final track (Always Dirty, Never Clean), it sounds all too familiar and you begin to wonder if Anarbor are scared of expanding their sound, or they are just playing it safe. I think it is the latter, as overall they have plenty of talent, both in their music and in their song writing.

'Free Your Mind' won't do what is says on the cover but it will certainly cheer you up, with its combination of catchy melodies and simple rock-pop guitars. Anarbor's sound is one that does sound all too familiar but this will not stop the band from certainly increasing in popularity.


'Free Your Mind' from Anarbor is availble through Hopeless Records in the UK on May 4th.

Sean Reid

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