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Album Review: Maroon - Order

One of the more calibre acts that grace the metalcore scene of Europe, Maroon have carved a niche for themselves out many a circle pit and wall of death on the continent. Latest album Order is a venture that keeps the German bruisers true to their roots.

Whilst having new school sensibilities with breakdowns left, right and centre; it has plenty of old school metal flavour with solos galore. This certainly isn’t a band that is afraid to diversify. The direction of Order is certainly schizophrenic going from stomping metalcore to devastating melodic death metal and spine chilling black metal. Confusing at first but an interesting surprise. The delivery is brutal but the songs hit so hard they almost blur into a storm of noise. It takes a couple of listens to grasp where this album is coming from but persistence pays off.

The eerily-tinged closer Schatten which translates as shadows has the band performing in its native Germanic tongue is a highlight for sure. Whilst it does jump around musical styles Order is a tangible and steady album that is progressive as it is extreme.


Matt Rich

Alter The Press!