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FREE Download: Alter The Press! Spring/Summer Compilation 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen we are proud to present our very first compilation. The Alter The Press! Spring/Summer compilation 2009 is available for download for FREE HERE.

As stated previously the compilation includes 29 songs including songs from the likes of New Found Glory, Thursday, Two Tongues, Oh No Not Stereo, LeATHERMOUTH, Sing It Loud, MiMi Soya, Bayonets, The Motorcycle Industry, Portman and many more.

We have also included a bonus track by UK pop-punk band, The Auteur.

Download Alter The Press! Spring/Summer compilation 2009 here.

(Unzip the file using winrar, which can be downloaded here).

Track listing

1. New Found Glory - Listen To Your Friends
2. Thursday - Resuscitation of a Dead Man
3. Two Tongues - Crawl
4. Oh No Not Stereo - Let's Get It Started
5. Sing It Loud - Come Around
6. MiMi Soya - Deathwish
7. goFaster>> - NHS Dentist
8. The Honeymoon Suite - Taxi Queues In Blacks And Blues
9. Left Right Goodnight - If I Had To Make A Montage Of You (This Would Be The Soundtrack)
10. Chaos Days - I'm Yours
11. Bayonets - The Battle of Head and Heart
12. Spectrum 7 - Panic
13. Marks Set Go - Who Needs Enemies 2009
14. Forever Wednesday – Lovers and Lunatics
15. Waiting For Sirens- Rob Schneider Is Not In Jaws
16. The Motorcycle Industry - The Palisades
17. Portman - Impenetrable Fortress
18. The Motel Life - Ghosts
19. LeATHERMOUTH - Bodysnatchers 4 Ever
20. Warship - We've Never Been Equal
22. Second Monday – Stereoscope
23. Fin Raziel - Skip Codes
24. A Major Motion Picture - This Is Not In The Spirit Of The Olympic Games
25. So Long Superman - Don't Break Your Crayons
26. Box The Stars - Now It's Fiction, Tomorrow It's Real
27. Talons - In the Company Of Eagles
28. Lost On Campus - But A Bridge
29. Portia Conn - New York
30. The Auteur – Trampoline (2007 Demo) (Bonus Track)

Alter The Press!