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Album Review: The Auteur - The Nightcap EP

Since I've started writing for this website last August, I've discovered a fair few new bands, it's one of the advantages of my role. In that time I've discovered Brighton Pop-Rock band, The Auteur. A band who have quickly became one of my, if not favourite British Pop-Rock band. If you're wondering why, then the band's long-awaited debut EP is the perfect piece of evidence.

'The Nightcap EP' starts off with quirky electronics before storming with a simple yet affective chord progression. Whilst the chorus has soaring vocals from Alex Rumble and is catchy and infectious. For fans of the band, it is what you expected and then some.

The same goes for recent single 'Hey! Watch This..." a song that gets better everytime you listen to it. It's packed with energy and fun from start to finish, and the addition of a catchy sing-a-long section sets the standard very high.

Whilst 'Hopscotch' bounces along at a nice pace that leads up to a chorus, where the band show the ability to blend melodies well. 'You're A Friday Night' sees the band picking up the tempo with an upbeat beat and tight playing continues the high standard of the EP.

The EP finishes with a re-recorded version of 'Welcome Back' and it's better than ever, with Rumble's passionate vocals, catchy guitars, thumping drums and overall song structure, leaves you with a smile on your face.

The Auteur are definitely on to a good thing. They've produced 5 songs that could possibly be the soundtrack to this summer, with their blend of strong vocals, catchy and memorable lyrics and songs filled with plenty of energy.

If The Auteur continue down the road they are on now, they could be set for big things in the future. They are definitely one to watch out for.


'The Nightcap EP' by The Autuer is released on LAB Records on June 22nd and can be pre-ordered here.

Sean Reid

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