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Alcopop Records Announce Third Compilation

Alcopop Records have announced details of its third compilation called 'Alcopopular 3'. The 13 track compilation features exclusive tracks from Pulled Apart by Horses, Apples, Paul Steel, Unicorn Kid, Stagecoach and more.

The compilation is £5 and comes with a glass bottle and map with a link to the compilation. Alternatively the link can be brought seperately for £4.

1. Tellison – Wasp’s Nest
2. Apples – Theo
3. David Gibb – The Oxfordshire Brigade
4. Stars and Sons – In The Ocen (piano version)
5. Town Bike – Cock Muff Bum Hole
6. Pulled Apart By Horses – E=MC Hammer
7. Stagecoach – We Got Tazers
8. Paul Steel – Psychedelia Smith
9. Unicorn Kid – Nuts n Milk
10. Arrows Of Love – Prescriptions
11. Ice King of California – I Wouldn’t Want To Do That All
12. The October Game – Cast These Waves
13. The Computers – Track Four

Buy Bottle and Map here.

Here MP3s only version here.

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