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Big If Update

An update from Big If can be read below. The band are hoping to release their debut album before the end of the year.

"Hello there my friends. I know it has been forever since we have put something new up on the site and I know we have not been answering everyone's messages. I wanted to give you an update in hopes that we will be forgiven. Originally Sean and I hoped we would be making a record this summer so we could be out touring before the year ends. Unfortunately it doesn't look like that is in the cards right now. The last few months have been kind of hectic being on seperate sides of the country, but starting this week Sean will be staying in Georgia with me for the summer so we can really dig in and write the record.

We are still setting the goal to record an album before the year is over and feel confident that we will. We have debated over whether or not to take down the site and relaunch when we are actually ready to get out and play and give you a full record of music but I don't think we need to do all that. I just ask that everyone hang in there if the site is dormant for a while. It could be that we launched it a bit too early but I promise when we are fully up and running we will flood the site with music and video and message replies. The fact that we already have so many people supporting us despite the fact that we have never even played a note live is just amazing and we hope you guys understand. As soon as we have news you will be the first to know. Thanks."

Alter The Press!