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Driver Side Impact Update

Driver Side Impact have given update regarding the member changes, new songs, and more.

"Okay, here is the DEAL!

As some of you know, and for most might be news to you, Branden Langhals is no longer with DSI. No bad blood, not really a crazy story to tell, just wasnt something he wanted to do anymore, this isnt an easy life to live, and these things happen, so all we could do is move forward. We recently picked up a new singer (Doug Leibowitz) who has added a FRESH new sound for the band and we are very excited about whats going on in our world right now. Needless to say our myspace page is incredibly outdated, which we will be focusing on very soon. And as for Branden, he is still a close friend and has given his full support for the band after his departure, as we give him full support in his future endeavors.

Shortly after attaining Mike Ferri and Josh Rapalla, they flaked out on us after a matter of months, (even more member changes.. right?) We FINALLY have settled on our new line up, after putting ALOT of time and effort into finding THE RIGHT GUYS to fit the band and drive to succeed (instead of finding guys fast so we can make the next tour happen, you live and learn). To our fans, sorry for the lack of updates about this, we just wanted to come out and do this when we had all our bases covered for our big return.

Andrew Riccatelli (drums) and Dan Correia (bass) are now apart of the DSI family, and we couldnt be happier with the line up. We have already done an east coast run with everyone, playing a lot of new material, and we have been really happy with our friends and fans reception to the new sound and new dudes, WE LOVE YOU FANS! THANK YOU FOR STICKING WITH US THROUGH SO MUCH!!!

Now that issue is out of the way, here is whats going on with us RIGHT NOW

For the last three months following our last run in February, we have been perfecting our sound for our newest release "Here Is To Your Reality". We have been staying in New Brunswick, NJ where written and recorded our new EP with our new singer Doug, and will be released in the summer, all songs written and recorded by us, we are VERY excited about it.

We have taken new promos and they will be up soon as we get the new myspace page up and running. EXPECT NEW MUSIC AND LAYOUT SOON!

Again to our fans, we are very sorry about the delay and we promise to make this up to you.

We are going to be announcing a few more tours in the summer in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!!


- mark, jack, andrew, dan, doug"

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