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Emmure Members Depart

Ben and Joe Lionetti have left Emmure.

Joe Lionetti said:

""I want to clear the air now since no one is really doing it. Recently, as you may have heard, me and my brother Ben left the band for what they said was a family emergency. That night there was an altercation in the band that really spilt us down the middle even more that we had been in recent months. But to be clear, me and Ben have officially left Emmure. We started this band in our basement in the beginning of '03, however, it seems that it has gotten away from us. I do cherish the time we spent on the road with these guys creating something out of nothing. I'm very proud of what we have accomplished but it is time to move on. Thanks to all the bands and fans that we have made friends with. Thank you so much. We are both already working on other projects. We will keep everyone posted as things progress."

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