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The Graduate Update

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"A Real, Honest Update

Last October we went to Baltimore to start working on a few new songs with Anhedonia producer and top Graduate advisor, Brian McTernan. A few new ideas sparked after we almost broke up and our future, as always, seemed very uncertain. We came home feeling a little beaten up, and a week later found out that ICON Records was folding.

Several weeks went by and we found ourselves a tiny house in Springfield to start getting serious about the next record. We finished our first new song soon after, and it was clear that we had another record in us. We stayed in this house, code named "FM Studios" for about 4 months, traveling back and forth between our other homes weekly. We've been getting by playing regional gigs here and there. Enough to pay the rent, but not too much to take our attention away from the new album. We've been getting a lot of messages asking when we're going to be touring regularly again. The answer: once the album is completely finished.

After a long streak of not being able to finish a song, we were starving for a change in scenery. Luckily, we found a new place only a few blocks away. Code named "Eureka's Castle". We've been here a little over a month, and it feels like the album is really starting to come together. Lately we've been on a hot streak, and have been riding the wave as hard as we can. There's so much material now it's hard to tell how many "songs" we actually have. It's safe to say that the work we've done is a step above anything we've done in the past. (Although we're fully prepared for the comments on saying Horrorshow is STILL the best we ever made.)

We still can't say when we'll be getting into THE studio to start recording this beast. The producer seems certain. The next big step will be figuring out exactly how and when we can get this made and released.

Living week to week with little certainties has been a constant struggle, but I wouldn't want it any other way. We've come this far without losing a single member, and without compromising ourselves or our music, and I don't know if we would have been able to grow as much had things been different.

For everyone that is sticking with us, thank you for your patience while we try to make something we can all be proud of.


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