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The Matches Update

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The Matches' lead guitarist, Jonathan Devoto, has started a side project, debuting as a solo acoustic act last night (Sunday May 17, 2009) in Berkeley, CA (at Blakes). He performed a cover, two Matches' songs, and four new originals never heard before.

Set list:

-"Going' Out West" (Tom Waits cover)
-"Restless" (from Matches first CD, E Von Dahl Killed the Locals)
-"Heavy Eyelids" (original)
-"She Calls" (original)
-"Delirious" (original)
-"This Time" (original)
-"Darkness Rising" (from Matches third and most recent CD, A Band in Hope; "Darkness Rising" is the one Matches' recorded song with Jonathan as lead vocalist)

Jonathan is looking for musicians to back him, but in the meantime will be playing more acoustic shows in Northern California.

Throughout May, Matches' frontman Shawn Harris is again in Australia for further writing on his side project, a duo with the singer Jake Grigg from Australian band, Something With Numbers. This is his third stay in Australia in the last year writing material for this unnamed project.

The Matches continue with pursuit of their next record label deal, with eight song demos finished in early March making the rounds of the music business. Three of those songs were heard in recent shows in NY and LA in March and April and at SxSW in March ("Wicked Walk," "Needs and Wants," "It's My Day").

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