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On Our Stereo: Latterman - No Matter Where We Go...!

This week's 'On Our Stereo', Daniel comments on Huntington, New York Punk Band Latterman's 2005 release 'No Matter Where We Go...!'

There’s not much better than pop punk, it’s hard to think of anything greater. There’s only thing that can improve on pop punk, and that’s pop punk teamed with good weather and mates. Cue me making a mix CD full of pop punk hits to play to make a good day even better. This led me to having a big rummage through a lot of old records and CD’s and stumbling across Latterman.

Now, I’m not one to get into the pop punk argument, I really don’t like it. In my opinion there’s two types of pop punk, there’s the rough around the edges pop punk that I hear some people call RamonesXcore or something silly like that. Then there’s the pop punk with choruses catchier than, well, anything. It’s all done with the sole purpose of bringing a smile to as many faces as possible, pop punk is all about the smiles. It’s safe to say no band brings as big a smile to my face than Latterman.

A lot of people seem to think that the latter pop punk genre I mentioned as we know it can all be originated back to early Drive-Thru records days with bands like New Found Glory and Midtown etc producing absolute gold. Personally though, I think if you ask a hell of a lot of pop punk bands who inspired them to go make music, Latterman would be word on most lips.

Latterman are a band that didn’t care about how polished they were, how in tune their guitars were, how good their singer sounded, Latterman wanted to bring smiles to faces, and that they certainly did, the album cover is people high fiving, you cant get any happier than that. I could have chosen any album but this is probably my favourite and I guess is the most accessible.

This album has everything, the practically shouting, gruffy vocals, the hard pounding drums, the intense guitar, it’s basically just full of absolute gems.
There’s the pop songs that are stuck in your head forever; 'Doom Doom Doom', 'Yo! Get Into It', 'Fear And Loathing On Long Island'. I could go on listing forever.

If you already know of the band Latterman then go and dig out the albums, crack them on and relive the glory days when things didn’t have to be perfect to bring a smile to your face. If you haven’t heard Latterman then go buy this album and witness some of the best, happiest, music you have heard since the Drive-Thru days.

Daniel Ferguson

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