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OTEP Studio Update

A studio update from OTEP can be read below.

"My fellow degenerates,

First, to my kindred Californians, allow me to apologize for the recent earthquakes. We meant no harm and had no idea the new tunes could incite such a thing. Had I known that reuniting eViL j and myself with Rob and Moke would cause so much devastation we would have put out some sort of statewide all points bulletin. We've been warned by the authorities that if the music we are creating causes one more quake, we are going to have to stop recording and move the whole operation to Alaska where Sarah Palin will be waiting to serve us roasted Grizzly Bear and hot Wolf stew. But I digress.

We have been working 6 days a week, 10-12 hours a day, and it feels abso-tively incredible. There is such a unique and powerful creative chemistry between this grouping of artists that is at once intoxicating and elucidating. It's hard to describe the emotions. There is a seductive violence in the music we are making. Pummeling, brutally beautiful, but infused with the secret heartbeat of Music that awakens the mind, empowers the flesh, and beguiles the spirit.

In short, it's fucking-bad-ass!

Now if you'll forgive me, I must return to shaking the pillars of heaven, causing seas to boil, and the earth to tremble.

Smash The Control Machine"

Alter The Press!