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Say Anything Begin Mixing New Album

Say Anything have begun mixing their new album. A full update from frontman Max Bemis can be read by clicking read more.

Hi everyone

Maxim Adam Bemis here. I just arrived at my home in Tyler, Texas after a hellish road trip from California, during which my ac broke, my tire blew, and i got towed to a random town in the middle of the desert. I was probably the first Jew they'd seen in the last decade but they were friendly to me. After all, we're both desert people.

I just wanted to let you guys know we're done recording our new record, entitled Say Anything, and we're moving into the mixing phase. It should be out this fall. This record is kind of a new start, or at least a new phase in the Say Anything story. You'll be seeing some changes in our camp from the live show all the way to the lack of zoolander-esque promo shots. I'm so, so proud of what we've done and where we're going and although I'm very happy with our first two records, I think you guys will agree that this album sounds more like Say Anything then anything the band has ever recorded, as well as moving the band in a direction that is true to what you guys, our fans, really love about us.

We'll be returning to touring sooner than you think, and in a way you've never seen or heard before. More on that to come, but we can assure you once the record is out we'll be becoming true blue road warriors again. Also for those of you who like our lyrics and songwriting, I'll be going back to doing some actual fiction writing over the course of the next year, so be prepared for me to project my insecu rities and subconscious desires onto fake humans of my creation and make them do horrible things to each other!

Please stay tuned; when my computer is fixed, I'll be starting to do some semi-regular video updates leading up to the record. I semi-promise! I also want to finally mention THANK YOU to those of you who have been so happy about me finally settling down with my amazing wife. Despite a few little butt-straggler dingleberries, you guys have been so joyous and cool and loving about the whole thing; it feels like it's because you guys know that I've been through hell. Finally being fulfilled is like a dream come true. More to come, daddies!


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