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Album Review: He Is Legend - It Hates You

He Is Legend's third full-length, 'It Hates You' is a foot stomping, heart pounding record, filled end to end with big riffs and soaring vocals. Opener 'Dicephalous' is structured around a fast beat, large guitar riffs and strong vocals from Schuylar Croom. It's what you would want and expect from this band.

Throughout the record, there are various tracks that sound large and somewhat over the top. 'Party Time!' is one of these tracks with its deep driving bass line, hook-filled chorus and a screeching guitar solo thrown in for good measure. 'The Primarily Blues' and 'Decisions, Decisions, Decisions', also contain the grand sounds of the latter.

'Everyone I Know Has Fangs' is a fierce and edgy affair. Whilst 'China White III' is a calm and soothing bluesy number with subtle guitar riffs played over gentle vocals and a soft acoustic guitar.

Primarily He Is Legend are a through and through hard rock band and 'That's Nasty' especially shows this, with its combination of, edgy guitars, steady beat and energy-filled vocals.

The album closes with 'Mean Shadows' a 7 minute journey that truely defines who He Is Legend are. One minute the track is racing through at a furious pace filled with crashing drums, then the next it is calm, steady and soft. It brings the album to a great conclusion.

'It Hates You' is a loud and an aggressive record, and at the same time it is complex in its musical approach, as He Is Legend aren’t scared to break their boundaries. At times it sounds like a straight rock record but underneath it strays off into other genres such as, metal and blues as well as pop-like hooks. This makes 'It Hates You' a compelling and enjoyable record.


'It Hates You' by He Is Legend is released on LAB Records on 13th July.

'It Hates You' by He Is Legend can be pre-ordered here.

He Is Legend on MySpace.

Sean Reid

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