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Album Review: My First Tooth - My First Tooth & The Rubies EP

Northampton's My First Tooth make the ideal music for a summer evening with their brand indie folk music with strings. This 6-track EP begins with the slow and calm 'Take the Airship', a stripped down track with soothing vocals and sweet strings, that easies the listener into the EP.

Next is 'Red Carpet Rides', which for some reason gives me the image of men dancing in an Irish pub. Nevertheless its upbeat tempo with pop undertones proves to be an impressive combination. Whilst 'Tpewriters' reverts back to the calm, ballad-like style.

'Honesty Honesty' is a simple acoustic number, that goes along at a nice pace with sweet-sounding strings and a chorus that you can singalong too; after a few listens. 'Judge and Jury' is led by a swinging beat along with nice brass section in the middle that rounds off the track well.

'Sleet and Snow' is an uplifting conclusion with plucked-string melody and vocals that are delivered in a calm fashion. On top of this a group singalong and handclaps, close the EP on a positive note.

'My First Tooth & The Rubies' is a feel-good EP, as the group are simple in their approach with an added pinch of delicatness and rich undertone. My First Tooth are the perfect remedy for a sunny day in the park.


'My First Tooth & The Rubies' by My First Tooth is available now though Alcopop Records.
Buy My First Tooth - My First Tooth & The Rubies EP here.
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Sean Reid

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