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Cartel Studio Update

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Holy vocal comp batman!

sorry, little too excited there. Well, we've really put the hammer down in the last couple weeks and have been moving at a very nice pace as of late. We have a few more weeks left to go before we start mixing this sucker and getting it out the door. Now is about the time when we really start getting title and artwork to the forefront of the collective mind so we can figure out what we want to do there. it usually takes the songs getting to tape before we have enough of an idea about what the record will sound like so we can make judgments about style, themes, content, etc. Anyway. We can't wait for you guys to hear this record. we'll be touring on it for a long time so it's not that hard to bide our time, but I can't accurately state how anxious we are to release this record to the world. NYC love.


Alter The Press!