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Emanuel Update

Emanuel's singer, Matt Breen has posted an update on the bands current status.

"sorry i havent said anything in a longtime. shits been rough in my personal life and i have been laying low.ill keep this message brief and just give you an update of sorts. after our last tour bout a year and a half ago we decided to take an indefinate hiatus becasue money was fucked up, we were very tired, and although we love our music very much it just seemed like it was insustainable and wed never be able tomake a living off it. so we chilled.since then not much has changed. since i love all you emanuelheads ill be honest and say that my personal life has been pretty fucked up for months on end, and that i really miss making music and i really miss seeing everyone. if anyone wants to fly me out to hang, go on a date, jam, our have me help you arrange/produce your bands songs or give your vocalist some lessons id do it in a heartbeat. hahah.but about songs. i have a ton of really really awesome song ideas. its like black earth tiger mixed with soundtrack... think viscera or something. Id really like to write em, record em and play em but im so fed up with everything and in a hole so deep i just dont know how, or if anyone still gives a fuck. on one hand i feel very bummed and like its too late, but on the other i feel like every band has a rebirth and if i came back with some awesome fucking songs things could be as good as ever.

so i will say this: im writing, alot. if you wanna hang and take me up on the offer, if you wanna talk, id love to know that you still want some of my music in your life. it would mean alot. you can email me personally at and ill write back. please give me some input."

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