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Free Girl Talk Live Download

A live Girl Talk performance from the Yale's Spring Fling festival has made be available to download here.

Track Listing

1. "My Name Is Gregg Gillis"
2. We Ready, We Ready
3. Pump That
4. Shit Under The Bridge
5. I'm Ill
6. Swagga Like Us
7. Let's Go
8. Smash Your Head
9. Shoulda Put a Ring On It
10. Don't Quit
11. You Scared
12. "Put It Up"
13. I Could Teach You
14. Got No Money
15. Heaven On Earth
16. Hands In The Air
17. Hustlin' Ivories
18. Straight Up Kryptonite
19. "A Few Minutes Left"
20. Get Buck Gone
21. "Two Years Later"
22. Ride On Out
23. I'm Getting Money
24. A Little Bit Louder Now
25. Play Your Part (Pt. 2)

Alter The Press!