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Interview: Sing it Loud

Sean recently spoke to Sing It Loud's bassist Nate Flynn, with a few questions about the Minneapolis' band debut album, 'Come Around', the bands recent appearence at the Slam Dunk Festival, their first time in the UK and their forthcoming appearence on this year's Warped Tour.

ATP: This is your first time in the UK. How are you finding it so far?
Nate: The UK is incredible. I have been so impressed with how polite everyone from here is. It’s a wonderful experience.

ATP: What has been the best show so far?
N: My favorite show of the tour was the last night in London at ULU. The crowd was ridiculous and they new all of our songs. It felt as if we were playing in our hometown Minneapolis.

ATP: You played the Slam Dunk Festival in Leeds. How did that go?
N: It ruled! There were so many people there and we got to reunite with a lot of our friends in other bands that were playing the festival as well.

ATP: Were there any bands you especially wanted to see?
N: I was very excited to see You Me At Six. I had heard such great things about them so I wanted to be able to check them out for myself. I must say, they killed it.

ATP: Your debut album ‘Come Around’ is about to be released in the UK. How would you describe to someone who hasn’t heard Sing It Loud before?
N: It is a very upbeat and feel good pop record that will put a smile on your face.

ATP: How was it working with Josh Cain and Mark Trombino? Were you fans of either’s previous work?
N: Working with Josh and Mark was awesome. Josh plays in Motion City Soundtrack, which is a band all of us in Sing It Loud look up to and love. When we found out we were going to get him to produce our record we freaked out. He is a role model to all of us. We also love all of the stuff Mark has done so we were honored to have him mix our record.

ATP: How did you get Justin Pierre and Alex Gaskarth to appear on the record?
N: Since we had Josh producing the record it made it easier to get Justin to sing on it. We saw him quite a bit while we were recording. As for Alex, in the summer of 2007 our friend Jordan Schmidt was recording some of ATL’s acoustic songs and Kieren showed Alex ‘No One Can Touch Us’. He really liked it and wanted to sing on it. So he did.

ATP: You’re from Minneapolis. What is the music scene like there?
N: The music scene is radical. We love being from here. The bands are awesome and we all work together to help one another out. It is an incredible environment.

ATP: Are there any bands or artists from there we should watch out for?
N: You should definitely check out our friends in Take Cover.

ATP: What music have you been listening whilst on tour?
N: I have been listening to Taylor Swift, The Maine, A Rocket To The Moon, and Katy Perry.

ATP: You’re playing the Vans Warped Tour this summer. What can fans expect when they come to see you live?
N: Expect to see the most energetic live show you've ever imagined.

ATP: Will you be checking out any other bands on the tour?
N: I'm super excited to watch The Maine everyday.

ATP: How do you relax when you’re not touring?
N: I lie in bed, watch TV all day long, and eat Jack’s frozen pizza with the occasional work out sessions.

ATP: When can we expect to see Sing It Loud in the UK again?
N: We should be back some time in 2010 I'm hoping.

ATP: Do you have anything else to say?
N: Thanks to everyone for supporting music and supporting our music. We'd be nothing without you!

'Come Around' by Sing It Loud is availble now on Epitaph.

Sean Reid

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