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Jaime's Elsewhere Update

Jaime's Elsewhere have stated they have not split up and are currently working on a new album:

"We wanted to post a bulletin and just clarify a few things. We have heard some random rumors floating around and we wanted to set things straight. This past year we released our first full length album on Victory Records, played over 200 shows and completed four full us tours with some great bands including Alesana, A Static Lullaby, Emarosa, A Day To Remember, Devil Wears Prada, Four Letter Lie, The Sleeping, Our Last Night, Funeral For A Friend, Showbread and more. We returned this past February from tour and decided to take some time and really focus on writing our next album while spending some much needed time with our families and friends. It is really tough being away from your family and friends seven months out of the year. The past three months we have been writing and preparing for the release of our next album. We have written allot of great songs and are happy to say we have started post production this month! We are hoping to release a few rough cuts of some new songs this month along with a few surprises! We have grown so much as a band and we feel that we are the strongest we have ever been. Our line up is still the same, stronger than ever and We look forward to releasing our best work yet! Thank you all for the continued support!"

Aaron, Mike, Matt, Chance and Anthony
Jamie's Elsewhere


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