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Metro Station Comment On Miley Cyrus Tour

Metro Station front man, Trace Cyrus, has commented about their upcoming world tour with Miley Cyrus when speaking to Billboard.

"I couldn't be more excited. Honestly, I've been away from home for so long I haven't really gotten to see my family for the past two years. I'm gone on the road more than my dad and more than my sister. So the fact I'm gonna get to spend that much time with my family and my band, I couldn't be in a happier position. It's my dream come true; I'm gonna have everyone I love out on the road with me. It's gonna be great.

Miley definitely has some younger kids that come to her shows that wouldn't come to our shows, but we're making music for all listeners. We're definitely gonna try to be child-friendly on that tour. We're gonna try to make it our audience as much as we can. I feel like our music can definitely speak to those kids."

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